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For a more equal distribution of welfare

1957: 67% of all earnings to employees

Now: 58% of all earnings to employees

How fair is that? (source)

Your current successfulness is mostly determined by where you were born. Where in the old days you could work hard or educate yourself to improve your status, now, money is made with money.

Interesting: The eight wealthiest people in the world, own as much as half of the world’s population


Fair Welfare’s core value is that everybody deserves certainty for an unconditional, individual, and dignified existence, like a basic income. We believe that there is enough welfare for everyone. However, we do need to take a different approach to the redistribution of welfare.

We can think and talk about it, and we can wait for others. In the meantime, Fair Welfare starts. Together with those who are ready to move forward, those who think in solutions instead of problems and those who have the capability and will to share. By starting, we learn about possibilities, results and questions.

The FW-match

Fair Welfare is looking for idealists who want to share: you give more people the certainty on an unconditional, individual and dignified existence, you will feel involved in the future generation and participate from dream to act.

You can and want to share your prosperity.

In a multi-year program, you’ll donate €62,50 or more a month. Together with like-minded people, you’ll adopt a receiver. This group of donors will support the receiving person with a personal unconditional basic income.

Infographic of the donation circle

We will translate our experiences into inspiring conversation material and use it as dialogue starters.

Steadily and tenacious we fight the idea that you have to work for your money. Fair Welfare provides the options: Work, study, informal care, be creative or do nothing at all. It's your choice, when you can trust on a basic income.

We believe in the good in people and thus let go of control, regulation, and activation.

Are you like us, believing in the good in people and in providing a choice and thus freedom? Are you an innovator? Let us hear from you!