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Portrait of Marjan van Parijs

Marjan van Parijs


Social entrepreneur, sociologist, and industrial designer.

In my immediate environment and in my work I see the needed resilience, optimism, confidence and hope when life is unfortunate. And that misfortune can happen to anyone with the result a surviving modus instead of being able to live from freedom. I looked for solutions, by reading, talking, studying again (sociology), and eventually found a symposium on the basic income. The basic income has many forms, many discussions, many attempts and here I want to make a substantial contribution. Two years later the idea is specific enough and the establishment of Fair Welfare a fact, including a foundation concerned with a board who support the initiative. Providing, already, some recipients with a full basic income, and show what that means for them and society, that is my ambition.

Portrait of Hester van Leeuwen
photographer: Pascale van Reijn

Hester van Leeuwen

Wassenaar Municipality

I have come on the path of a fairer distribution of income through my work at the municipality. Many difficult situations of residents were related to money problems. This Fair Welfare initiative contributes to the fact that fewer people experience money stress and can choose what they find important. For example, caring for a child or parent, making art or volunteering. I am sure that everyone who contributes will think differently about income and its valuation and distribution. That's what I do it for! Will you join us?

Picture of the symbol of Fair Welfare

Logo Fair Welfare

A lady who, as Lady Justice, keeps prosperity and population in balance. Like prosperity - bed, bath and bread are in the scale as well as (digital) access. Like a population, a group is in the scale, at the start, this will always be a finite group. Fair Welfare starts with a number of receivers on recommendation. The logo is drawn by Jan van Parijs, is there anything in the logo by Marjan? In any case the high heels.

Symbool van Fair Welfare

Symbol Fair Welfare

An initiative, starts near with limited private resources. The green glass paperweight has been on the desk of Marjan for many years. Is it a crystal ball to look in the future? Are the air bubbles for the many ideas of Fair Welfare? Is it green because a basic income also contributes to a better environment? Everyone can see its own in there.