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Fair Welfare Foundation

Fair Welfare Foundation is the foundation that, as friends, warmly supports Marjan's initiative.

Portrait of Maria van Sorgen

Maria van Sorgen

Board, President

Sociologist and teacher, working at a small high school at Voorne Putten.

Every day, I see the struggles of young people to seek for ‘belonging’. I myself have come to the conclusion that we all have to look very active for ways in which everyone 'can participate'. In my view, it is essential that we engage in experiments in the field of basic income. What opportunities can we create so that givers and receivers connect in a meaningful way? I'm looking for a more inclusive society and am honored to be part of the Board of Fair Welfare Foundation.

Portrait of Rolf Vriezen

Rolf Vriezen

Board, Secretary

Previously working in the financial sector.

For years I have supported directors of charities, capital funds and non-profit institutions with my advice. Now is the time to give back my knowledge and experience. As a member of the board of the Fair Welfare Foundation, I make my managerial and financial knowledge and experience available. A great initiative that deserves growth.

Portrait of Gijs Custers

Gijs Custers

Board, Treasurer

Sociologist at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Fair Welfare Foundation gives people the chance to complete their own life according to an insured income. This research has implications for the whole society. Therefore, I am happy to be a Board Member for Fair Welfare Foundation.